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April 28, 2013
Spring Ride for the Troops
Our Sisters and Brothers of Maine Chapter One, along with the American Legion Post 56 of York, Maine, and Bentley’s Saloon of Arundel, Maine, ran this year’s “2013 Spring Ride for the Troops” event on April 28th. They did an outstanding job. We had over 600 motorcycles participate in the ride from York to Arundel. Everyone had an enjoyable and safe day supporting our cause. All ride donation proceeds will benefit our American Veterans. We thank all that supported this year’s event.
2013 Spring Ride for the Troops.
August 9, 2013
Chris Hammond & Family
On June 23, 2013, we—the Patriot Riders of MA-1—were honored and pleased to present some of this year’s successes from the Spring Ride to Veteran Chris Hammond and his family. They were not expecting anything but a visit from a few Patriot Rider friends checking on their family’s status and having breakfast together. Yes, there were tears from Mom and they were both speechless after our presentation. After a moment to catch their breath, Chris and his wife, Amy, said, “It is so unbelievable what the Patriot Riders have done for our family, today and previously. The only group of people that likes to just hang out together with us to share the moment and our interest. We never expect anything and you have been there for us more than once. We thank you all sincerely. When Annabell comes home from the hospital, we have to introduce her to their extended family.” We also presented a framed photo collage from the ride along with a ride event patch. Annabell was unable to attend this day, being in the hospital, but her twin sister, Abagale, was with us, showing her support.
Chris Hammond family.
This was just such a wonder gift that we were able to present to help this veteran’s family. This family has been through a lot and has had so many hardships. We wish Chris, Amy, Abagale and Annabell the best of health and success. We pray that Annabell continues to recover from the challenges presented her. We asked that they please accept this gift as a small token of our appreciation, from all of us that participated on this year ride, for Chris being an American Veteran. We will never forget what Chris and his family has done for us, and we will honor them now and always.
Annabell Hammond.
Chris is still defending our country as a National Guardsmen and Annabell was able to come home on July 8th.
If you would like to help out the Hammond Family and make a donation directly, please visit any Eastern Bank branch and ask to make a donation to the FUND of ANNABELL HAMMOND. You can also mail a donation directly to the Eastern Bank as well to the following address: Fund of Annabell Hammond, 13 Main Street, Saugus, MA 01906
Firts meeting with the Hammond family.
December 12, 2011: Our first meeting with the Hammond famliy
"At this point of her life, Annabell Hammond has endured 10 surgeries, including open-heart surgery, surgery to both widen the esophagus and connect it with the trachea and surgery to correct an imperforate anus. And she hasn’t yet celebrated her second birthday," reported Jason Brisbois in the Cape Ann Beacon (May 16, 2012).
"Thankfully for the family, help is on the way. Patriot Riders, a nonprofit organization dedicated to giving to the community and veterans, has raised money to assist the Hammonds in their time of need. The Elks has also stepped in, hosting a recent fundraiser at Cape Ann Bowling Lanes to assist in paying for Annabell’s medical bills."